A worldwide movement is taking the form of occupations and marches in cities from New Zealand to Canada, from New Orleans to New York. The mainstream media are desperately trying to keep the scope of this movement from ordinary citizens as they go about their business keeping the fraying empires alive. Citizen journalism is providing coverage, and citizens themselves are conversing with each other across the globe. Here is an account from one who attended the march in New Orleans on Oct. 6. (The march ended in a General Assembly and an ongoing peaceful occupation of Duncan Plaza, in front of the New Orleans City Hall) :

I was late to the Occupy NOLA event. It never occurred to me that 20 minutes after the meeting time the would have already left Orleans Parish Prison, where they convened, and marched all the way down Tulane Ave past Claiborne.  I caught up with them on Loyola and went along to Lafayette Square.  Spirits were high; attendance was pretty good, I think, with the crowd stretching out about 2 blocks, perhaps 500 people.
The end point of the march was Lafayette Square, right across St. Charles from the Federal Reserve. A woman with a megaphone got up and began a long rant about the Fed ("the Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express") and the Jeckyll Island conspiracy. She was saying the Federal Reserve is the root of the whole problem. She was quite articulate, and she knew how to use a megaphone. I was impressed by the sophisticated argument
but also surprised at the focus on the Fed.
Later I came across this:
The focus on the Fed has been planted in the Occupy organizations by a public relations maneuver orchestrated by Wall Street itself. It could be that the entire movement is nothing but a wag-the-dog style orchestration. Or it may be truly "grass-roots" at heart but infiltrated at points (how many points) by agents who, *wittingly or unwittingly,* serve the Masters the movement rails against. For the Masters have nothing to fear from mere obloquy.  In fact, one can imagine they take a certain pleasure in it.  And this pleasure we should not hesitate to call erotic.
If we begin to think about motivations at this level of sadism and pure revenge instead of the ethical fakery that dominates the discourse we can probably see more clearly.  See both the right and the left with their sadistic hearts laid bare.  Don't we on the left, we Michael Moores and Jesse Jacksons, have in common with the Tea Party our righteous rage?  Isn't that why the right and left are united on the streets of New York right now?
But our rage against the billionaires is just part of the exotic game they have started.  They play these games with all their whores.