The right-wing propaganda site Godfather Politics is accusing the Obama administration of funding and organizing the mass murder at a cinema in Aurora, Colorado.

A "journalist" using the name "Tad Cronn" has published an article on the site in which he accuses the Obama administration of setting up the killings in Aurora in order to further the cause of the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, which would "result in the confiscation of personal firearms in the United States." This of course pushes the alarm button with gun owners and stokes the formidable gun-lobby propaganda feedback loop - if indeed that propaganda machine isn't already behind this article.

"Cronn" takes pains to distance himself from the rumor he is creating/abetting at the outset by portraying it as a conspiracy theory that just might be a little more credible than most:

[...] some conspiracy theories have just enough meat on them to make you go “hmm.”

One such theory is emerging in the Aurora “Batman” shootings.

What may escape his readers - and there seem to be many of them, judging from the number of "of co-o-o-urse" reactions already posted in the article's comments section (by ordinary citizens, of course) - is that the "theory" is "emerging" because "Cronn" - whoever or whatever "he" is - is creating it in the very piece they're reading.

He then goes on to say he doesn't endorse the theory, but given the fact that it’s gaining popularity so quickly and that it’s not entirely unbelievable means it deserves some intelligent discussion, even if only to ultimately dismiss it.

The "theory" "Cronn" is creating goes like this: Big Government wants to take our guns away so that we can't protect ourselves from our fellow Americans, from Big Government itself, and of course from the "Islamofascist" hordes that are planning to overrun our shores any day now (you can read all about that on the Godfather site too, in case you didn't know about it.) Accused killer James Holmes, an unemployed student, could not have come up with the money to buy the arsenal he had amassed unless he had... help. And he couldn't have set up the sophisticated booby traps in his apartment without some kind of high-level training (the kind the US government is certainly good at dispensing). He deals with the question of why Holmes revealed the booby traps to police by suggesting that he had multiple personalities - some other persona inhabiting Holmes tipped off the cops and spoiled the fun:

Multiple personalities are not just the stuff of fiction. They actually do occur, almost always as the result of severe physical or sexual abuse. What’s worse, they can be deliberately created.

Created by whom? Why, by Big Government, of course, and the "Islamofascist" in the White House (you can read endless commentary about Obama's non-US birth and Muslim loyalties on Godfather, too, in case you didn't know) who wants to turn the US over to the socialist, internationalist United Nations - and yes, take away your guns so you can't fight back. The fact that Holmes was a neuroscience student somehow makes it more credible, for "Cronn," that he was programmed to do the killings.

Holmes’ participation in a neuroscience program has only reinforced such speculation.

"Cronn" himself seems to have had a good deal of programming - in propaganda techniques, given his fluency with such devices as the one demonstrated (is there a term for it in rhetoric - or in propaganda manuals?) by his use of the phrase "has only reinforced such speculation." I'm the one creating the speculation, but I simultaneously distance myself from it and reinforce it by implying that someone else finds a connection between Holmes's studies and the likelihood of his being a programmed killer.

But all this is nothing compared to the leap that comes next. "Cronn" (understandably) says that all this is only speculation (by him, but he doesn't mention that) until you find "a government connection." And how does he find that connection? Why, through the Occupy Wall Street movement! Everybody knows that OWS is all part of a government plan to create anarchy so that they can move in and... take our guns away! Well, not exactly OWS, but "Black Bloc." Never mind that in the eyes of many, "Black Bloc" is in fact a tactic used by police provocateurs to discredit otherwise peaceful protests, including OWS ones. That tactic was used in Oakland last Fall. But if you read Godfather, you of course know that OWS is violent and that Back Bloc is part of OWS. No question. Okay, so what's the link between Holmes and Black Bloc-OWS? Why, the fact that he dressed in black clothing, of course:

Black bloc is not a group but a tactic used by protesters in which a group will all dress in plain black clothing with masks or motorcycle helmets on to disguise their identities. If one member of the black bloc throws a brick, for example, police can’t identify who threw it. Holmes was reportedly wearing such an outfit when he went on his killing spree.

I'm not sure whether Godfather's "journalists" are remunerated by the agate line or using some other formula, but cub reporter "Cronn" seems to have bent over backwards (or in another direction...) to kill two birds with one stone and get in a few shots at the Occupy Wall Street movement, another favorite wingnut target.  Well hell, when you think about it, maybe it's not that crazy...:

There has long been a fear in some corners of America that one of Obama’s major goals is to eliminate private gun ownership in preparation for martial law, and that a “false flag” event would be staged to initiate it.

And there you have it. That fear has now come out of the corner and into the bright light of independent journalism. Thank God there's funding for sites like Godfather Politics. Because the liberal mainstream media will certainly never let you connect the dots - between neuroscience, the UN, and black clothing - the way Godfather does. Not that there's any truth in any of it, of course. Not that it isn't pure, obscurantist mind manipulation.

"Cronn" ends with another rhetorical pirouette straight out of the propaganda handbooks -

Was the Aurora shooting staged in order to help Obama get a U.N. treaty passed that will remove Americans’ right to own firearms? It’s not a question that is likely to appear in the mainstream media.

No. But then the mainstream media at least put up a pretense of reporting facts...